Babbo Ristorante Enoteca

I’ve always wanted to try out what Mario Batali has to offer. Back when I was young, I would always see Batali battled it out on Iron Chef. For a while, it was super difficult to get a reservation at

For a while, it was super difficult to get a reservation at his flagship restaurant, Babbo, especially when they do not accept reservation for one. However, I was in New York for a few days, waiting to fly back to Vietnam. A few weeks beforehand, a fellow foodie friend of mine hit the jackpot with a reservation for 2 at lunch at Babbo. I gladly joined.

Lunch at Babbo has 3 different menus, a 4 courses lunch tasting menu, a 4 courses white truffle tasting menu and an a la carte menu, each requiring the entire table’s participation. We opted for 4 courses lunch tasting menu.

(The lighting was super bad inside the restaurant. Pardon the image quality)



Babbo Coppa with Roasted Cauliflower

The meal started off some of Babbo’s Coppa, paired with roasted cauliflower and a tart balsamic reduction.


Pork Quadretti with Chanterelles

A great pasta course followed. Delicate, firm quadretti was tossed in a brown butter sauce with earthy chanterelles and finely diced squash. The beautifully toothsome pasta was amazing in its complex flavor.


Grilled Hanger Steak with Celery Root Fregula

Nothing beats steak and truffle. A perfectly rare hanger steak was paired with a powerful and earthy truffle sauce to make an amazing combination.


Olive Oil Cake and Gelato with DaVero Olive Oil +Salt

The meal ended with Babbo’s famous olive oil cake. Warm, moist, and crispy all at the same time, the cake was divine when eaten together with the rich gelato. The olive oil and salt added a layer complexity and contrast to the dish, perfectly complimenting the main ingredients.

Overall, Babbo was an amazing experience. Impeccable food and services added up to a very memorable dining experience. However, I regret not opting for the white truffle tasting menu. The intense white truffle aroma coming from the other tables were intoxicating. I missed out on the best option.


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