Osteria Morini

Nothing beats Italian foods on a cold rainy day.

This was not my first time to Morini. I have been here plenty of times and it is, by far, one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. Having landed in New York after spending a month abroad, I know that I crave something that was not Vietnamese or Cantonese. With a few hours to spare, I hit up my New Yorker friend for a nice lunch.

Osteria Morini is the more casual sister restaurant to Michael White’s 2 Michelin Stars Marea, specializing in handmade pasta and classic Italian fares.


Frito Misto

Delicious, crispy fried seafood. Morini’s version is light and not too greasy, perfectly seasoned crust coating succulent seafood. I am always a bit skeptical about eating seafood in the U.S., especially coming from a country where all seafood is straight out of the water, but Morini passed my test.


Polpettine-Prosciutto and Mortadella Meatballs

The meatballs were delicious, not too firm, and covered with a layer of toasted breadcrumbs and cheese. The tomato sauce has a nice spicy kick of heat and tartness, perfectly complimenting the rich meatballs.


Fusilli-Rabbit Ragu, Creamy Ricotta

Chef Michael White is known widely across New York to have one of the best pasta programs. Beautifully meaty rabbit ragu coats firm and chewy fusilli to create an amazing pasta dish. A nice dollop of ricotta help adds a dimension of creaminess to the dish.


Cappelletti-Truffled Ricotta, Prosciutto, Butter

The highlight of the meal. Firm and dense, ricotta-filled, cappelletti are accompanied by a simple butter sauce and prosciutto. A perfect combination of earthy truffle and creamy ricotta made for an amazing dish.



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