The Modern

It is good to be back.

I know that I would be landing in New York City on my birthday. With a little forward planning, I was able to secure a table at one of New York’s best restaurant. This was not my first time. I had lunch at The Modern only a few months ago. This time, I’m coming back to give one of my favorite New York restaurant another go.



Caviar, Egg Yolk, Sabayon, Brioche

Same old, delicious dish. I specifically requested for this dish again on my tasting menu. The familiar combination of caviar and egg can never go wrong.


Gently Seared Prawns, Grapefruit Confit and Pickled Black Radish

The prawns in this dish were sweet and flavorful. However, they seem to be a little overcooked as I had trouble cutting through the prawns. The grapefruits and pickles added a nice touch of acidity and sweetness.


Foie Gras Tart, Quince Braised in White Wine, Radicchio Treviso

The same foie gras tart I had from last time. Consistently delicious.


Roasted Delicata Squash, Black Truffle Sauce and Candied Hazelnuts

The beautifully sweet, roasted squash was soft and delicate, enhanced by the crunchy hazelnuts and the earthy flavors of the truffle. However, I felt that the truffle flavors within this dish were not as intense as my previous experiences with truffle. Maybe they didn’t use truffle of the same quality as Eleven Madison Park? 


Crusted Sea Bass, Sunchoke Rissoles and Watercress Broth

An amazing preparation of sea bass. The herb crust added a nice crunch to the moist fish beneath. The fragrant broth really complimented the mild fish flavor.


Herb Roasted Porcelet de Lait, Olive Oil Poached Pear and Onions Dressed in Buttermilk

Delicious, fatty pork with a beautifully crisp layer of skin was the main course of the night. The dish seems to be on the overly fatty side, with the component of pork fat and olive oil being too overwhelming. The dish was too rich.


Pear-Quince Sorbet, Sliced Rhubarb and Pear, Salted Shaved Truffle

A nice palate cleanser. The tart sorbet was beautiful in combatting the preceding fatty dishes. What made this dish phenomenal, however, was the slice of truffle. Unlike the previous truffle dish, the truffle in this dish was beautifully aromatic with an intense earthy flavor, making for a wonderful bite.


Red Velvet Cupcake and Vanilla Ice Creams

A complimentary dessert for my birthday. Nothing too spectacular or innovative, just good old fashion cakes and ice cream.


Beet and Chocolate Mouse Cake, Beet Compote, Blood Orange Segments, Vanilla Meringue, Beet Tuile

A very complex dessert with every single component working well once combine altogether within one bite. However, due to containing so many ingredients, it can be a challenge trying to get the perfect bite.




The meal finished with some mignardises.

Overall, the meal was strong. However, with this being my second time at the restaurant, I could feel that this meal at The Modern was not as enchanting as my first experience. I felt that my first tasting menu was a lot more coherent in quality, with each and every single dish flowing seamlessly into each other and that no dish was a true miss. I still enjoyed my second visit, but maybe I will have to wait a little more time before returning.



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