Why I write?

I only know one thing. I love food.

My obsession with food started very early. I grew up in a family that championed the idea of “live to eat,” a concept that has grown to become a cornerstone of my approach to daily life. I still remember the late night motorbike adventures to the local night market of my childhood, cradled between my mom and dad on the old family motorbike. To the young me, the markets were a place of wonder. I still remember the steaming bowl of blood cake congee that was made specifically without any vegetable, the sweet and chewy Gấc sticky rice that my mom used to make into small balls for me to snack along the way, the sweet and savory, crispy Bánh Xèo that was wrapped beautifully in bitter mustard greens. The smell, the taste, the emotions linger with me even to this day.